Signboard / Signage / Light board

3D signage adds dimensional elements like raised graphics, logos and letters. This kind of signage has graphics projecting out of its base and has more depth, rather than the 2D alternative with flat graphics.

Stainless Steel Letters Making In Kathmandu

Stainless steel letters are used as a prestigious way to name office blocks, head offices with the companies name, hotel branding, shop fascia’s, car showrooms, industrial units, private houses, industrial parks, boat names, schools, colleges or university identities, wine bars, restaurants & bars – house numbers, floor levels in flats/offices, the list goes on. 

3D Signboard In Kathmandu Nepal

3D Acrylic signs are widely used in corporate and retail sectors to display their branding in an elegant manner. Acrylic is available in transparent, translucent and opaque forms, giving various options to creatively showcase Clients requirement.


  • Water resistant
  • Glossy finish
  • Both indoor and outdoor
  • Inventive 3D effect
  • Light passing option on front and sides

The installation of ACP cladd

Toughen Glass Door Installation

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass which is prepared to increase the strength of normal glass. The glass undergoes compression and tension through which, the glass breaks down into pieces. This can cause injuries and damage and thus, the toughened glass is used for making windows, doors, tables and such things used on regular basis. Toughened glass eliminated the possibility of injury and is constructed under strict supervision to ensure durability and strength.

Glazing Glasses / Toughen Glass Installation / Fixing Toughen Glass

In the world of construction, glazing refers to the installation of glass in windows, doors, or any other fixed opening. Glazing can be referred to as any and all the glass within the structure or the installation of any piece of glass within a sash or frame. The way that you refer to glazing will depend on whether you are talking about a specific piece within a project or the entire project itself.

wooden Flooring & Parqueting

Parquet flooring is the mosaic of the wooden flooring world. Stylish, durable, and sustainable—a parquet floor is a statement in any home or modern apartment. Beautifully intricate and elegant, parquet flooring is the term used to describe the geometric patterns made from multiple wooden panels.

Product Features

ACP Cladding / Installation

PVC / UPVC Panel Installation

Toughen Glass And Glazing

Aluminum partition

Who We Are

Techno Sign is a breakthrough in the Business signage industry, with a continuously growing list of products and services that prioritize customer satisfaction. The key to our company is our ability to make first-rate products with speed With several years work of experience in the signage/ Advertising / Branding / field, having worked both freelance and for many other companies, we now have decided to put all of our expertise under one roof – Techno Sign. ­­­

We’re the biggest Sign making company in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our experts specialize in boosting brand awareness with custom-crafted Signboard displays. As a full-service company, we design, manufacture, permit and install all kinds of commercial Signboard displays ranging from channel letter 3D letters, Block Letters, Acp 2D Signage, Lightboard  and light boxes to monument sign and beyond. 

Our journey started back in 2015, in a small shop with five friends. Over the years, we’ve vastly expanded our team and resources. Now we’re one of the premier sign making companies in Kathmandu Nepal, providing displays all across the Nepal. 

Since our establishment, we’ve made state-of-the-art signage for industries in every sphere including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, business centers, event venues, offices, Schools, colleges, Hospital and health care facilities. We use cutting-edge technology to give your brand indoor and outdoor Signage visibility.

and sophistication while maintaining a professional and personal approach towards each client.

We create signs for businesses across the Kathmandu And all over Nepal, We are a complete custom sign shop specializing in sign design, signage fabrication, installation and project management. Our expert team can help guide you through the process of creating amazing signage for your location.

We take care of all the details to make sure that your custom sign, Signboard systems are the best possible quality, and fit perfectly in your location.

We promise to exceed your expectations in quality, customer service, efficiency, and accommodation.

What We Do

ACP Cladding/ Installation

Toughen Glass / Glazing installation

Engineering and Consultant

Signage, signboard manufacturing installation, Maintenance

Interior and exterior Designing / Working

Partition/ flooring parquet

modular kitchen


Upvc /Pvc / Wpc pannel

Cnc Jail design and Installation

Granite / Marvell / Stone Installation

Meet Our Team

Kandel Ashish


Kandel Koshish

managing director

Bibek Kc

interior Designer

ER. Saroj Neupane




Company Employees


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signage branding


  • Signage signboard / signage work
  • Digital Displays / LED video screens
  • Steel Metal Brass Letters
  • Flex print T-shirts, Cup Print
  • Lightboard, 2D,3D Signboard


Ideal for developers


  • Graphic Designing
  • 2D/3D Designing
  • Interior, Exterior Designing
  • Space Managing Design
  • Architect Design / Structure Design


interior / exterior


  • ACP Panel Board Installation
  • Toughen glass install/ Partition
  • UPVC windows / Door Installation
  • False Celling / wooden flooring
  • Marvell / Stone / Granite installation